Plan-Less House, OFA

Concept Diagram

by Maxime Moreau

Fundamentally the house is our shelter, but it is also a place of appropriation, where we create our identities and our memories. An interface with the world, the home is a device in which we filter our environment and transfer information about ourselves to others. Our proposal for the plan-less house seeks to create a simple system of movable elements which together yield almost an infinite combination of spatial configurations. The idea of the home is no longer a plan diagram indicating a hierarchy of divisions, but a set of variables which creates a flexible system adapting to the user. Now a more interesting and complex exchange and interaction can occur, one in which the inhabiter(s) can constantly re-appropriate, re-territorialize space as needed. The house conceptually becomes a stage set, in which many activities and storylines take place simultaneously in the same “space” and can also be reconfigured for different “scenes.” A mutable code for living, the plan-less house fulfills the need for the spatial complexity which our lifestyles demand.



Partition Configurations

Section Configurations

Program Configurations

Interior Perspective

Lifestyle Studies

Shadows Studies



~ by Open Form Architecture on April 24, 2007.

One Response to “Plan-Less House, OFA”

  1. A system built like life itself, organic yet calculated, static yet movable. Spaces thought with space with the moment is how humans first settled, and how they then moved. Now the world is ready for open form architecture; a living form of living.

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