Tractable Shape II

by Maurice Martel

This is the result of a study with Mathematica on the way to “produce” an enormous possible range of shapes. This tool that we’ve made allows us to create any shape by setting regular or irregular boundaries. then the software computes and gives born to some alien babies. This is all parametrical and based on mathematical functions. Mathematica is a powerfull software that Open Form will use efficiently from now on.

These are the results of one of our project at the summer school of New Kind of Science.

CA with locator points transposed to a Truchet pattern

Manipulate Tractable Shape

Compilation of Shapes

Z Building

S Building

C Building

CC Building

BH House


~ by Open Form Architecture on July 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “Tractable Shape II”

  1. Hi Maurice Martel,
    The Tractable Shape II is beautifull. I do myself something similar with 3ds max but for art project purpose.
    I’m artist living in Paris. We are doing a project Btw sound/image
    I would like to know if tractable II, could be used for experiemental works. I would appreciate if it’s possible.

    Thank you

  2. Allo Maurice,

    J’ai bien aimé parcourir cette page et constater qu’avec la puissance des mathématiques vous pouvez créer des formes et configurations spaciales infinies.

    La limite de votre outil est celle des mathématiques; la limite de l’extraordinaire science des mathématiques est infini.


  3. nice work

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