Cherokee Lofts Breaks Ground‏, Pugh+Scarpa Architects

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Few months ago, I got the chance to interview the architect Lawrence Scarpa, principal of Pugh+Scarpa, on the impact of sustainable design on the figure and integration of his own house, the Solar Umbrella, in Venice. Inspired by Paul Rudolph’s Umbrella House of 1953, the Solar Umbrella provides a contemporary reinvention of the solar canopy—a strategy that provides thermal protection in climates with intense exposures—using photovoltaic panels to provide 100% of the home’s energy needs.

Today, with the Cherokee Lofts, Pugh+Scarpa pushes “Green” edge design to a superior level and breaks ground with another green mixed-use housing project. For these architects, sustainability is always considered a top priority, with the goal of building responsible living for the 21st century. The architect, Pugh+Scarpa, is a leader and pioneer in green building, an unprecedented two time winner of AIA Top 10 Green Building Award plus 100 other awards and accolades.

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Stockman Residence

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[Stockman Residence, Image by Roger Kurath, Architect]

Located in Santa Monica, the Stockman Residence sits on a tight corner lot, at a very busy street intersection. The house is surrounded by tall apartment buildings on the south side and a modest park with dense treed areas on the east side. “Within this context, the traditional house typology with front yard, front porch and back yard is ill-suited and demands to be re-imagined so to better respond to its surrounding,” says the architect Roger Kurath.

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Make A Wave Project | OCEANA

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by Maxime Moreau


This week end, between 12pm on September 22nd and 12pm on September 23rd, I will participate to a 24-hour, non-stop, Surf-a-Thon to help support OCEANA and their effort to clean and protect our world’s oceans. I will be surfing the event Saturday, September 22nd from 3pm-6pm and Sunday, September 23rd from 9am-12pm with Team Sandshark.
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Fresh Yoga, The Debonnaire Group LLC

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by Maxime Moreau

Our friends from Debonnaire were recently hired by an emerging yoga company to reconstruct their entire image. Debonnaire’s branding reflects simplicity and quality. Like the graphic designer, visual artist, and computer scientist, John Maeda says: “Simplicity is a quality.” Here, I really appreciate the way the letters are grouped and intertwined together, and the way the information is centralized in order to create a clean and simple pattern — a light design that reminds us that yoga is a discipline that promotes the control of the mind (in this case, the letter M of daliMama) and body (the A of yogA) through a series of postures. The MA symbol clearly expresses this idea.

Thom Mayne on Charlie Rose

•September 9, 2007 • 2 Comments

by Maxime Moreau

Thom Mayne, architect, and 2005 Pritzker Prize laureate, in interview with Charlie Rose

Search Engine Terms

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These are the terms people used to find our us. We always find it interesting to know how people discovered us, and which terms they used. So, we have decided to share this knotty information with you.
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los angeles freeway system 1
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Jamie Residence

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by Maxime Moreau
edited by Darrel Ronald


In the Los Angeles metropolitan area, the image and identity of the architectural landscape is not only associated with the diversity of cultural influences, but also defined by the complex, extensive freeway networks that criss-cross the still fast-growing region.

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